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Alexander Gott's Legal Bureau provides wide range of services in areas of corporate, contractual and business law, including but not limited to the incorporation of legal entities, registration of an individual entrepreneurs, amendments to the articles of association, all forms of reorganization, liquidation, licensing, accreditation, and fiscal registration of representative offices and branches of foreign companies as well as the fiscal registration of separate divisions of Russian companies.

We provide:

1. Full range of legal support

While advising on the incorporation of legal entities, we also cast light upon the Russian legislation in the sphere of commercial activities. As soon as formalities are over, our supporting services will do you a good job.

2. Efficiency

Area of corporate law is our main practice, so supported by professionals, scrutinizing every detail of incorporation routine, our clients are assured that proceedings are carried out in the shortest possible time.

3. Attractive prices

We offer you services at the most competitive prices.

4. Legality

Companies’ incorporation is held in strict accordance with applicable law, which excludes any legal problems in the future.

5. Transparency

All services and prices, contained herein are rigorous and accurate; respectively our clients do not pay extra.

Our services:

— Legal consulting on monthly basis (included but not limited to remote consultations, written and oral, drafting of contracts, memos, providing fiduciary services etc.).
— Contracts. The drafting of agreements, contracts, addendum, amendments etc., within the shortest period. Template agreements.
— Real estate transactions support. State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography.
— Lawsuits. Pre-trial settlement of disputes. Mediation.
— Due Dilligence.

Private international law

— EU\US Commercial Law consulting. Verbal counseling (by an appointment), drafting of legal notes, memos, affidavit.
— Conflict of laws. Bilingual agreements arrangement (English, German, Spanish, French).
— Maintenance of foreign trade transactions.
— Due Dilligence.
— International disputes resolution procedures. Mediation. Consulting on arbitration agreements, arbitration clauses and its optimization.
— Translator services.

Migration law

— Work permits for citizens with visa-free entry
— The permit to employ foreign workers and the work permit for the citizens who must obtain a visa.
— Visa support for Russian companies
— Visa support for branches of foreign companies
— Registration at place of residence
— Temporary residence and the residence permit

We mount our relationship with clients on an individual basis, paying maximum attention and simultaneously observing strict confidentiality.

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